Life feels lighter after I let that ego go.

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I was listening to a random podcast the other day and the gentleman mentioned that children are ego maniacs.
He didn’t mean it in a bad way.
Only to represent his ideology that limited beliefs are often formed at a young age because children learn by internalizing.
Thus, when a child feels a negative vibe coming from his parents; that child (in theory) believes he is the cause of the negative emotion.
For, everything is about that child.
Children are not emotionally mature…

There is magic in the unfolding.

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My right hand is itching.

Folklore says it is a sign that I will be receiving money soon.

That money can come in different forms.

This post may welcome 10,000 claps or I may find money on the ground.

I will take either way.

The point is…

A right palm itching is an indication that I am in the receiving mode!

That’s the exciting part for me.

It doesn’t matter if the manifestation has occurred right at this moment.

I am in the receiving mode and can feel the joy NOW.

“Focus on the…

Two popular statements a person on a spiritual journey makes.


There is nothing for you to go back and live over, or fix, or feel regret about now. Every part of your life has unfolded just right.” -Abraham Hicks

Silencing the ‘ego’ and being introduced to your inner self is illuminating.

It is one of the first inductions on a spiritual journey.

After you master your ego; shoulders lighten as deconstruct the load you have been carrying.


Because you start to understand that everything isn’t about you.

I probably should put that as the top phrase spiritual people say.

Use your imagination to shine a bright light on your dream.

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Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life. -Tony Robbins

The ‘as if’ theory is for you to act like the persona you are trying to become.

Now, this is where it gets tricky for some people.

If you believe this theory, you might start acting like a rich person if you want to manifest money. There may be a tendency to go out and spend money like a rich person; thus, putting oneself into more debt. …

Subconscious programming is real.

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We are all programmed.

Bruce H. Lipton PHD gave me a good perspective for identify subconscious programming.

So, if people want to know what their programs are, I say what in your life comes easily to you is there because you have programs to support that. Anything that you struggle to get to, that is because you have programs that don’t support that.” — Bruce H. Lipton PHD

Our behavior was shaped during our formative years (0–8).

If your mother constantly told you that you act like your father; you may have started mimicking a…

Easy ways to relieve stress during these strange days.

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I have found 6 easy ways to keep myself in pockets of high vibes.

Commit to one of these tips for 7 days. If you don’t find any value in it move on to another.

If you do find value in an action commit for another 28 days.

Then move on.

Don’t consciously try to do the tip.

If you find truly find pleasure in the action; subconsciously it will become a habit.

1. Aromatherapy — Scents do matter!

A lovely scent triggers a smile.

Better the scent deeper the inhale.

Not sweating the small stuff.

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My favorite line from the character The Joker; is “Why so serious son?”.

It is my favorite question to pose to my son when he comes to me with heavy complaints.

My intent is always for him to look at things with a new perspective and perhaps even lighten up.

For that to happen; one needs to take a step back.

Give yourself a moment to RESPOND not react.

A great way to do that is laugh.

When I burn a new recipe, or I walk into a table; I don’t get pissed any more…

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I share a bathroom with my cat Henry.
That means frequent trips to the garbage shoot.

Today’s jaunts ended in me noticing a pile of up trash bags in front of the garbage shoot.

The garbage shoot is also across the hall from an apartment.

Not my apartment.

Yet, I still found myself getting angry in behalf of these people.

Saying to myself:

I stopped myself, as I felt my emotions heighten.

“Why am I getting…

The guilt of growing.

Volkan Olmez on Unsplash

It is ok to not be satisfied.

Humans are made to be curious.

I love the feeling of achievement. It is impowering.

Yet, it can feel super weird sometimes.

All because change sometimes comes with a sense of guilt.

Guilt that you feel as you start to back away from things, people or places that no longer served you.

Guilt that you are living something or someone behind.

A lot of us have to set up boundaries as we start on our self-development journey.

Awareness brings clarity.

Self-love is often mistaken for selfishness.

Growing is a…

Does crying while happy make me an overly emotional person?

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash. Altered by author.

The phrase ‘happy tears’ is a true statement. Whenever I feel a great sense of joy, I tear up. I don’t do the ugly cry or have snot running down my nose. Nope. Just a great big ole smile on quiet tears streaming down my face.

This emotional display doesn’t only come when so momentous event happens. My happy tears join me when I watch ‘The Voice’ or when watching a wicked funny movie.
My tears only thrive on the happy.

As it happens, I don’t cry at the drop…

T.J. Batts

I write to inspire kindness, wellness and positive thinking. New book:

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